Sunday, April 14, 2013

My first & worst hunting adventure

I was by no means a professional sportsman, well obviously I had never actually been hunting, on my own, by myself.
But as a wife, and moreover a woman in general I thought I had it all figured out before setting foot in the forrest.

I had watched my husband for years shoot different game, and listened to his advice and tales of his own hunting experiences when I finally decided to go and get my lience and try it out for myself.

I went to to ten hour course, and whammo, I walked out of the classroom with the swaggar of a true blue woodsman, I was most certainly getting myself a deer.

I was even excited to get up before the sun, don my fancy camo gear, washed of it's scent with my clear scent detergant, trek out into my blind and.... sit.

My husband was kind enough to walk me out,  because I am not a fan of the darkness, especially in the forrest where a coyote would be waiting to prowl, IF I were alone, that is. He got me set up, and left me. alone. for hours.

I sat, I listened to nature, I fantasized about different deer coming out and all the amazing tales I would have to tell my family. I sat for hours, I ate trail mix, I took a nap. I listened to his advice, I hardly moved, hyper vigilent of my surroundings. Every time the wind blew I thought a great white tail was coming my way. Truth is, I sat for hours and saw nothing, then.. I had to pee. But I held it.
I didnt budge.

Finally, I think mother nature was sort of bored, and thought it would be funny to CALL on me, you get what I am saying, right? It's not very ladylike to really say it, but this was bad, and way worse than just having to pop a squad on a tree ( something I would have, looking back, LOVED to do) I HAD TO GO! And by the time I realized I couldnt hold it, by the time I decided to pack up and leave, it was too late.  I had no choice then to go all caveman and go againest my husbands advice,  but I had to go, so I did.
And according to his afformentioned advice I ruined my hunting spot, because of course all deer can smell shit from miles away, didn't you know?

Needless to say, I was so embarassed, it took a few days before I told my husband, he finally asked why I hadn't been back out, after days of me making excuses. I told him and he got a golly laugh from it all.

Truth is, I am not sure if I will ever go out again, I may just spend the rest of my life relying on his hunting skills to fill our freezer.